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16 Apr 2010  

Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

Had to tell what it does from the website. In fact that's one of the sparsest MS websites I've ever seen even for a beta.

But given the insane number of esoteric ways that third party software breaks things (Especially AV software), as well as all the hardware issues, bad ram, mistimed ram, incompatible ram, overheating here, there, everywhere, underpowered PSUs etc. I'm a bit skeptical that this think can really solve much.

As an example, my step father was complaining to me last weekend that when he prints on his printer it prints out three blank pages then the page he wants. I haven't been over to look at it yet but... what could that be? Anything. How could this program fix it? 99% of the time I bet it can't, at least not with the variance of the types of problems we get on this forum.

It'll be an automated version of an offshore tech support script reader "Install the latest drivers... disable unneeded applications... empty your trash...", has your computer stopped crashing? No.......
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