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20 Apr 2010  

Windows 7/XP/Vista
Sysprep problem / Question

I'm setting up / testing Windows 7 enterprise for my company. "Volume License"

The info: We have about 70 office that average about 4 PC's each office. Each office uses the same base setup but has a few programs that are for that office only.

What we like to do is create a base image that we can keep updated and then when a office gets approved for new Windows 7 PC's, modify the image for that office and deploy out.

The problem that i have run into has to do with sysprep. I like to use Sysprep "generlize" so that if the PC's have different hardware we dont run into problems since Windows 7 does a nice job during setup of setting almost everything up. I dont use a unattended file right now since i havent really use it before and it takes only a few minutes to get through the couple of questions that a normal setup takes

The big problem is after i use sysprep "generalize" i get the "A fatal error occurred while trying to sysprep the machine" since i did this 3 times already. I know that this is a Microsoft security issue.

What/where do i need to look at? Using the sysprep makes life easier to deploying to different machines. Is there another way to get Windows 7 to trigger clearing the drivers and refinding everything on startup.

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