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25 Apr 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
Hibernation Problem

Hi All, I usually visit this forum and I like it, but I found a problem in my PC and reading documents about hibernation/sleep didn't resolve it.
I wish to put my computer into hibernation because sometimes I go away for a few hours, but I can't do it. (I can't use the sleep mode as well).
When i click to the Hibernation, my computer turns off the monitor and after 10sec it makes a sort of "fast reboot" in which my open windows remains and it's ok. The problem is that i can't change this amount of time when my pc wakes up, because it goes into hibernations for only a 1millisecond. I tried to change all I can in the power options in control panel, disabled timers but anything changed. I really want to use this hibernation mode because it's very useful. I hope someone will help me.

There are two screens which can help you understand my situation.
Imageshack - 36803846.jpg
Imageshack - 71703811.jpg

(sorry for bad english)
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