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26 Apr 2010  
Nicholas Flamel

Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit
Problems with Java?

ok so I've got this Java Application called GametableDnD that iv'e been useing to play Dungeons and Dragons online wiht my sister and some freinds for about a year now. Just recently I've moved over from a computer running on vista to my new computer that runs on 64 bit windows 7 home primium and I haven't been able to get the application to run.

I thought maybe I downloaded the wrong java so Iv'e tried 32 bit java, 64 bit java, and both on the same computer. the 32 bit doesn't work at all and the 64 bit jave gives me a message saying it can't find the main class when ever I try to runt h aplication. But it has to have a main class, because it works just fine for every one else and iv'e tried reinstalling both java and the application multiple times.

I'm bafflled, computer science and electrical engineering majors I know are baffled, and best buy's geek squad was useless, so I thought I'd come here and ask for advice before paying someone to fix it for me. I'm Pre-med and don't have much time to socialize so this DnD game is very important to me, if someone can help me solve this problem I'll be extremely grateful.
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