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27 Apr 2010  


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Every time I re-install. I just remove Bing and put in Google in my browser. Not even interested if Bings better or not! The majority probably do this the same way! So, Bing is going to get nowhere with this mindset...
The masses don't do this. They run windows and what's their default start page? MSN and Bing.
That's actually a very fair point. As a general rule, the masses generally don't deviate from the script

I suppose you could say the majority of those who install another browser, or those who don't go click>click>click when running IE for the first time will automatically change it to google.

I know I used to and it still feels odd changing it to Bing.

Some browsers (like Opera) you actually have to manually add Bing as a viable search engine option, because it's not amongst the list like google, ask, yahoo.

(No sour grapes there eh Opera? )
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