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27 Apr 2010  

win 7 Home premium X64
Win 7 x64 part freezers on desktop

Here is my problem about every 10 days or so on average (from 4-20days) from a cold boot windows load into the desktop as normal with about the same speed as it always has and the most of the time but not always the network icon will appear with the swirl egg timer thing showing it is waiting and then the Kaspersky virus checker will always load fine but the network icon will still have a swirl going on top of it. Then I know my computer is going to freeze in parts from now on but the strange thing is that the Start menu will work fine and the mouse works fine but if I try to select a program it will do nothing or if I try to do a control alt delete it does the same.
I can access the tool bar properties fine and the clock keeps time as well.

Once I left it like this to see what happens and windows explorer came up saying it was not responding so I clicked close and then everything went from the screen with all my icons and task bar and just left the desktop pic, so the only way from this is to reboot and it will boot fine.

I have updated by bios and I am up to date with drivers and have the latest network driver I have limited some of my start up programs which I donít use much and I would like to limit all my startup programs but with this problem not being regular its hard to know if it fixes anything and its hard to do without my programs for a month..

I thought event viewer might give me a clue but it does not stay much as it is hard to know if the few errors it does say caused the crash or are because of it.

I just find in strange that only parts of windows freeze and other parts seem un-affected. and after a reboot and for a little while afterwards it runs fine.
One thing I thought it might me is that in the early days windows bsod a few times when I had a bad GPU which I have since changed and maybe something got messed up just to be borderline on freezing but no enough to kill it.

Anyone have any ideas
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