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28 Apr 2010  

Windows 7 Enterprise

This looks very similar to COMPIZ desktop effects (used to be part of the Beryl 3-D build) on Linux running Windows 7 under vmware workstation .

KDE 4 on Linux gives great 3D effects -- I can't take a screen dump because it's animated but I also like the "Wobbly Windows" effect -- also you can have a huge number of Virtual Desktops.

Using a Linux Desktop with 3D effects makes any AERO theme look positively tame (and the Linux stuff uses far less resources).
Completely agree.
I use Ubuntu (Gnome) on my laptop just for the fancy compiz stuff it does.
Would be neat to get it ported to windows, and maintain its pricetag (free!!)

However, here at work with win7 enterprise environments, 6 desktops in a cube is a bit much for most people... Just need simple virtual desktops.
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