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29 Apr 2010  
Mike pc repair

XP and Windows 7
unknown crashes and blue screens

im at the end of my line with my pc at the momant tryed everything that i know to try and find the problem to no answer had to resort to help lol my problems started a few weeks ago where i changed my HDD to a brand new spanking 1 TB WDC Green 64 meg and i started to get problems 4 weeks into useing my pc it was all working fine turned off went away for the weekend to come back to windows 7 just staying frozen at the logo starting windows i could still boot into XP working off a seprate HDD and could write/read everything on the 1TB where windows 7 is installed. There i desided to run the repair wizzard from the windows 7 DVD but done nothing of any use rebooted to find windows 7 this time had got past the logo yay or so it would seem after it done chkdsk and found the index corrupted and tryed to fix it but didnt get that far it failed and i got greeted by a blue screen of death every time i tryed to boot, so i ran my restore from the DVD and put back my restore image yay its now working then after a week it all started again now ive been haveing this problem on and off for the past month and the only way to fix it has been restoreing it back to the image i made when i put the new hdd in and done a fresh install ive done every check possible and all hardware comes back clean!! im really even tryed flashing the bios to the newist version so far its worked really well it got into 2 weeks this time insted of a few days done a restore today cos it done the same as normal arrr expect this time windows 7 got really slow installing mass effect and i had to hard reset and got greeted by nothing and then the same normal rubish of blue screens again and freezeing.

some help would be great!!
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