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18 Apr 2009  

Windows 7077
Firewall problem

I've run across a problem that has me stumped. It's probably something simple I've overlooking knowing me.

I have a home server that runs utorrent and sabnzbd. I access them both via their web interfaces from my main computer. Now, up until recently the server has run on XP since it only has 512MB of ram, but after reading that seven will run on that I installed 7077. My main computer already runs on 7068. Problem is now I have real problems connecting via the web interfaces.

I can connect most of the time with the IP address in the address (ie http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8080/sabnzbd/), but when using the network name (http://server:8080/sabnzbd/) it takes several minutes just to refresh. This would be okay, but other programs that tie in with sabnzbd fail on both IP and network names.

Now, when I disable the 'private' side of windows firewall on the server the problem vanishes. But despite my best efforts I can't make a rule that let's it work while the firewall is up.

Any help appreciated.

eta; even with the firewall down, addresses with network names take longer than they should to load and apps that tie into sabnzbd still fail.
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