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08 May 2010  

W7 Ultimate SP1, LM18.1 MATE, W10IP VM, W10 Home, #All 64 bit
Thanks Barman58

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Hello Lehnerus,

It is possible to run a program at startup (either machine or user) in Admin mode without the UAC prompt by the use of the task scheduler. This would I think do what you want.

I'm sure that Shawn has written a tutorial for this (It's early here and my brain is in start-up mode so cannot find it at the moment ), if you check out the tutorial section I'm sure there is something there.

You could also use this method to start each of your programs with more control as to when they start (adding delays or conditions)

Hope this helps
I recall reading something about that on another blog.
I did try following their suggestions but I couldn't get it to work correctly (in build 7100).

I haven't been able to perfect using the Task Scheduler to do stuff for me.
I normally put my PC to "Sleep", instead of leaving it running or shutting it down.
I had to create a task to run my AV program.
I discovered that I needed to run a task, before my AV task, to wake the PC up.
That task is supposed to terminate after 2hrs but it doesn't (It worked properly in build 7100 so maybe my install is dodgy or I have screwed up the settings).

I also discovered that some of my programs were adding tasks, which weren't being removed when they were updated or deleted.
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