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08 May 2010  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Ok. As you can see my friend has a device advanced settings button.
I have this:

Now. He has a slighly different setup and card but has the option I've been looking for that I *know* the card supports. Is there a way without having to install realtek's stuff (maybe replace files) to replace my manager with his and attempt to do that without replacing the actual driver. That could work? maybe?
As you can see I am trying very hard to solve this. I could really use help.

edit: his system as almost identical to mine except I have the acer variant of his mobo and a different realtek onboard card.

edit 2: this is not just a me problem on many sites and forums I see similar problems whether it be to do the same thing or something different some people don't have the advanced settings button: Speaker+Headphone at the same time Problem

edit 3: Front jack not working for Realtek HD Audio on Windows 7 this person's solution involves bios options I don't have thanks to Acer's beautifully locked bios. Now after rereading I don't think i'd have to make any changes to me bios since I have everything but the advanced settings dialogue. damn.

edit 4: It appears that some people have the realtek (not ASUS) version of the app with the advanced options available:
Now I'm more lost than ever.

edit 5: Again. Same problem. No solution.

edit 6: I found in a random thread someone with the same model as me who had a headphones option as an input device separate from the back audio jacks. So I was right about the card supporting it.
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