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10 May 2010  

Windows 8, Ubuntu 12.04 64bit, Pear Linux Triple Boot

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This release is certainly a great advance over the last one I tried 8.04 IIRC have tried each one since but found that there was always a deal breaker. (wireless or in one case bad support for my graphics).

This time I have even got the system on-line via my mobile broadband USB stick (about 4 hours altogether mostly research into some minor annoyances) a definite improvement over previous.

Not sure it's ready for the general user yet but it's getting there

Yeah I check in on them from time to time and am suprised by the advances they make. I figure in the next couple years it will be a great OS. They do need to work out the install and anoyance time. When ever I do a fresh install I count on about 3 to 4 hours to get things working right. That is just to long for the average user though.

Last install I did of fedora on my lappy went real fast and my wireless was up in running out of the box. I spent maybe an hour from start to finish. Alot of that was getting DVD playback, Flash and MP3 playback.

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