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12 May 2010  

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Humble Bundle games go open source

With >$1 million raised, Humble Bundle games go open source

It was a simple idea: take a collection of independent games, offer them with no DRM, and allow people to pay whatever they'd like. The result? 123,182 people have paid for the bundle so far, and the total raised is now an incredible $1,126,563. That generosity will be rewarded. "As of 5/11/10, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD, and Penumbra Overture pledge to go open source," the developers blogged. "We are preparing the sources right now and will be releasing them ASAP." The sale was a huge success, began many conversations, and it provided insight into the behavior of gamers. Here's a look at what comes next.
Source: With >$1 million raised, Humble Bundle games go open source

I placed this in the News section because I feel this is a BIG DEAL.
This is one of the first examples of a company releasing their code and allowing people to buy it for what ever price they wanted.
People liked it, and started donating amounts up to $3333!!! That is EXTREMELY impressive.
Now the company rep says that their games are being modded, patched, updated, and are doing SO much better than they could EVER have done on their own.

Perhaps some of the bigger companies should try this. I bet if they created a small, simple, but very fun game, it could have a similar effect, with people donating to get it released.

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