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14 May 2010  

XP / Win7 x64 Pro

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If you're using a newer version eMule, it may be doing something different with the file creation. Or, perhaps you're setup is different with your temporary files on a different partition than your "complete" folder in xp. This would require eMule to create a new file on the "complete" folder (deleting the old temp file) when the download was finished, while when on the same partition it may simply rename the temporary file to a new location, keeping it's original creation date.
This sounds like a more likely scenario.

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The fact is, both XP and 7 treat this the same way. When the file is created, is it's creation date. period.
This is not always true, actually. However, the explanation goes into a scope well beyond what is useful in this thread to stay on topic.

Here is a short slide to give a little insight as to what type of file modifications in Windows 7 do what:
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