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14 May 2010  

Win 8 Release candidate 8400

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I just upgraded my motherboard, RAM, Video card, and processor so I also went from Windows XP 32 Bit Home to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit. Every now and then I either get random restarts after a very brief blue screen or a blue screen where it freezes.

It gives the standard message along the lines of "Windows has been shutdown to avoid damage to your computer" or something to that effect. This time I wrote down the pertinent things it said that were not the standard message:



Note: I think the "Os" I was using were actually zeros. Just trying to make it look as much like it did on my screen.

I have tried to isolate certain programs that might be causing this but it happens when I am playing online games and when I am not playing online video games. Sometimes when I am streaming movies on Netflix, etc. And no dicernable pattern. Sometimes I get super fast blue screens that I cannot read and it restarts the computer before I can see them. But sometimes it just freezes up giving an error message like the one I showed above.

We need the actual DMP file created when the computer crashed. Use these instructions to find and upload.


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