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17 May 2010  

Win 10 x64 Pro x64 / Ubuntu 15.10 x64

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ZaLiTH are you going to unlock the 4th core? did it with my 555 no problem. Maybe im lucky. Did prime95 for 24 hours no errors and it only got to 52 degrees. Good luck if you try it.
I doubt it hey, the main reason I'm going for a tri-core is because my board doesn't have very good support for the higher-spec CPUs.. I can only run AMD CPUs of 125w or lower, and even the 125w processors are not recommended by XFX. Seeing as many of the Phenom II x4 CPUs are 125w to 140w, I want to try avoiding putting too much strain on my board.

Besides, a 720BE will give me 3 cores at 2.8GHz with an unlocked multiplier, which means my CPU will be way better than my current 5400+ and I can finally unleash the full potential of my Corsair RAM. I know these babies can do so much more than 8600MB/s...
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