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18 May 2010  

Windows 7 Home Premium

Just got this reply from Focusrite support. Sounds like they may have interpreted this as a drop-out problem rather than audio completely stopping. Regardless, I tried downloading the tool and disabling a bunch of devices. I've had audio running solidly now for an hour or so (as opposed to previous best of just a few minutes). There's nothing conclusive yet -- I was suspecting my wireless device as everything seemed to improve after disabling it. However, having re-enabled it, everything is still working good. Who knows though - maybe just turning it off/on could make a difference?

Can't say I've found the tool very useful -- it indicates quite a few "red bars" even while audio is working OK but your mileage may vary. Anyway, I'm way way more encouraged than I was a few hours ago, even if this is still far from ideal. It's a start at least. And for my live show I won't need wireless, so there's a chance I might get away with it


Thanks for your mail. Can you please try this tool (DPC latency checker) and let me know if you see any red bars that correspond to the FW light blinking on the Saffire?

DPC Latency Checker

If you do see red lines, it is likely that high DPC latency is the cause of this problem. In that case you can disable processes from your Task Manager (ctrl+alt+del) and check the DCP tool to see if that helps.

If you do not see any red lines, and the issue persists, it may be an IRQ or hardware conflict.

To test this, can you please try disabling the following devices from Device Manager?

- All network adapters
- All other sound devices
- Bluetooth
- Any card reader
- Modem
- Any other unnecessary device you might have

Then restart your computer and test the Saffire. How does it perform now? Does the Saffire still drop out?

If you have multiple firewire adapters, it might be worth testing both at this stage. I recommend disabling the one that is not in use at the time though.

If the issue is still persisting, could you please send the system information .nfo for your computer? To obtain this file, go to START MENU -> PROGRAMS -> ACCESSORIES -> SYSTEM TOOLS -> System Information and save the system info as a .nfo file. Please send this file and any additional info you have regarding your hardware and peripherals (particularly details of your firewire card).
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