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22 May 2010  

windows 7 Ultimate x32
Folder from external drive into Public Library

I don't seem to be able to place an external drive folder (containing just about all my video files) into my C drives' Libraries>Videos>Public Videos. Is this possible?

As background, I have a few videos located on my C drive, where the operating system is located. I can place these in the Public Videos folder. I am then able to view files in this folder via a networked WD TV Live media player, and also via a networked Beyonwiz PVR. It seems that it is necessary for files to be in the Public Videos folder before they are accessible on my network.

I have reviewed many of the usual tutorials about adding folders to Libraries, but none of them addresses my particular problem. The only way I can get my external drives' videos folder into the Public Videos library folder is by "dragging" it into the Public Videos folder using Windows Explorer. (I used a small test folder.) I thought I had solved the problem, but then I discovered that after I had done this, a complete copy of this folder must have now been placed somewhere on my C drive, as the videos were now viewable whether or not I had the drive plugged in.(which would seem to defeat the purpose of using an external drive for network storage in the first place). The problem is that I cant keep fitting all the media that I want to view on my C drive.

Is it a limitation of Libraries that folders from external drives cannot be placed into the Public Libraries locations? Or, is there a workaround?
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