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22 May 2010  

Windows 7 Professional (64bit)
High cpu usage

seems like this has been asked allot before...

anywho from what lve seen my system has randomly gone into 50% usage but l cant see it from the task manager, and by the time l start the resource monitor it returns to normal again, its kinda annoying because l leave the resource monitor open for a while but the moment l close it down again and leave it for a bit it does it again..

only reason l notice it is because my temps shoot up to 37/38 (my temps are usually around 31/32 at the moment but it goes up to whats mentioned before) again (since the weather is pretty warm right now l wanna make sure that when the weather gets warmer my system isnt maxing out for some reason) the only things that have been open while its happened is Mirc, Skype, Vuze, BitDefender, and Probe2 (temp monitor) on another note it only happens when l havent been touching the computer the moment l start moving the mouse again to take a look things seem to return to normal, so l guess its a process that acts while the computer is assumed idle and not being interacted with.

l have disabled search indexing just because it was my first assumption after it happened, l might also try disabling superfetch but its prolly unlikely to be the cause but l guess l would get RAM back quicker, not that l need to with 8GB.

in any case is there a monitor out there that could log a process that suddenly uses high cpu resources that doesnt show in the Task manager (because it seems to be a phantom process that hides when l try to open the resource monitor, perfmon.exe at the moment is the highest use process, but until l see it eating 50% l cant really say with certainty its the culprit because l dont get there quick enough to see it)
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