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24 May 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Duel Boot..Won't let me boot into XP

I have a Laptop with two partions...

These partitions are actually on two seperate hard drives built into the laptop

Not sure if it is necessary information but the more the marryier right...

*note* spelling sucks!

C:\ Windows 7 Home Premium (Default Boot) Which Works...

D:\ Windows XP Pro (Shows up in the list in the boot loader)

At first it was missing the file NTLDR so I found it in a Service pack folder
and placed it where the bootloader was looking. Which was the root
directory of the D:\ (placed the file in hidden attrabute)

When I tried to reboot the computer and force it to boot back into Windows XP
this time; all it did was restart the computer over again.

Therefore my theory is that the MBR of the D:\ needs to be recovered.
I looked around and it saids that I need to use the Windows XP setup CD
boot into the CD and use the recovery option and recover the MBR.

Well, I tried that but for some unknown and of course my "luck" the recovery option does not show up.

So can anyone shine some light on this problem that I am having? Also, is the NTLDR file the only file it looks for when it boots into Windows XP Pro?
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