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26 May 2010  

Windows 7 Professional (64bit)

ok, l have messed around... lm not sure what l did or installed around that time though l did do a windows update along that week that may or may not have required a restart, going by my history at least...

today l had more updates, when l came back to my system temps were up so l assume high CPU usage as they went back down from 34 to 27C regardless of what l do lm unable to track the issue down, even uninstalling my virus scanner didnt help.. then again l cant seem to repreduce the problem while the task manager/performance monitor are running, whatever the problem is its something that runs while my system is idling because the moment l move the mouse or have a process reviewer open things seem to run normally as it happened after 5mins before of being away from the system, so l left the process monitors open while l was away for an hour without touching it and it didnt happen again (l havent left it long enough after the first time earlier for it to do it again)
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