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26 May 2010  

win 7 professional 64 bit
Linksys BEFSR81 router or Win 7 problem?

I searched the forum but could not find one that matches the issue I have. Here is the situation. I have a laptop with win7 professional wired to a linksys wired router (connected to cable modem). A linksys wireless router is also connected to the wired router but the dhcp is disabled. For 3 days, this setup worked fine. Today, after coming out of hibernation, the laptop lost connection to internet. I can ping the router and other devices except the gateway. I have tried releasing and renewing the IP and sometimes this works. In some cases, i have to restart the wired router. The laptop had no problem coming out of hibernation or sleep before. Any idea what might have cause this and how to rectify?

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