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26 May 2010  

Windows 7 Profession 64-bit

when l came back to my system temps were up so l assume high CPU usage as they went back down from 34 to 27C
You are not complaining about 34C, are you? Those are great temps. I don't start to get seriously worried until I start seeing the temps break 60C, higher on some CPUs and graphics processors.

Do note that some programs wait until idle, then they do their thing. Some malware scanners do that, backup programs, Windows Update, and Windows itself does a lot of "housekeeping" chores during idle times.

If me, I think I would do a quick clean just to make sure it is clean of crud, then just let the machine run idle for a few hours, or even over night and see if it settles down.

Here's my QuickClean canned text:

I recommend purging the hard drives of clutter with Windows 7 Disk Cleanup, ATF Cleaner or CCleaner. If using CCleaner, uncheck the option to install the Yahoo toolbar during installation. Before first use, go to Options > Settings > Advanced and ensure Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 24 hours is unchecked. Know your site credentials (user names and passwords) for sites you frequent before cleaning; you may have to login again at next visit.

Download and install Malwarebytes's Anti-Malware (MBAM) and scan as follows:
Check for updates before scanning,
Select Perform quick scan > Scan,
When complete, click OK, then Show Results,
Ensure all is selected, and click Remove Selected,
When complete, save the log in Notepad to a convenient place for future reference.
Repeat for all computers in the "Trusted Zone" of your network (your side of the Internet "gateway" - typically the cable or DSL modem).

Windows Disk Cleanup Note: One distinct advantage Windows Disk Cleanup has over all other cleaners is that it also has the option to delete all but the most recent Restore Point. This can be significant as malicious code can hide there too. But I caution this option, found under the More Options tab, should be used only after careful consideration. If experiencing a problem that first appeared within the last couple days, do not use this option until sure System Restore cannot be used to fix it. If the computer is running fine otherwise, and you are doing your weekly supplemental scans and want to root out as many potential malware hiding places as possible, I recommend setting a new Restore Point, and then use this Disk Cleanup option to clear out the old points.

Tip   Tip
Always clean the clutter of potentially 1000s of temporary files on your drive(s) before defragging.
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