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22 Apr 2009  

drivers for Intel 855 Centrino Chipse(from China)

Hi ,i come from Beijing China,my english is bad.
but i very pleased to come here
about drivers for Intel 855,sombody insalled ok,you can For reference

somebody installed 7106 is OK
I instanlled 7000 (DELL 710m)1020 * 800 on desktop,but when used 3D accelerated,my computer shutdown.

somebody's Methods

Please install in strict accordance with this order, or is likely to fall into the death of infinite restart cycle.

1. Do not download the driver after the installation of a direct double-click the SETUP program. Extract the backup.

2. Do not want to install other equipment inside the "video controller", but the installation of the bottom of the "Display Adapter - Standard VGA graphics adapter."

Concrete steps to: Device Manager, right, "update driver software", "Browse your computer to find driver software", "browser" folder backup decompression, the driver software is installed, the next step, (may take longer time , be patient), "off", points "Yes" to restart.

3. After the restart, prompt the lower right corner "is the installation of device driver software", will be installed on the two devices, a "use" another "has been completed, the need to restart.

4. If the previous steps did not make mistakes, then restart the computer again, you can now see that the computer automatically start the 1028 * 768 resolution display or adapt the. Not quite, however, continue below.

5. Device Manager, which appears in the display device connected device, double-click, one of which will have such a display device:

"This equipment is operating normally when the machine is restarted, the device driver will be unloaded. You do so by the equipment manufacturers will not be any change in reservations.
For the entry into force of this equipment, you will need to restart your computer. "

Right, "Uninstall", check "delete this device driver software", to determine the point "Yes" to restart.

6. (*^__^*) No

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