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27 May 2010  

windows 7
please help! unidentified public network with invalid ip

Hello this is my first time posting a thread on a forum site but here we go lol

I recently upgraded to windows 7 and everything was working perfect very impressed overall.
I have cable internet through comcast. I had my modem plugged into a wireless router then my desktop was directly connected to the router and internet was working fine. I decided to unplug my router because my roommate moved out so no more need of a wireless adapter, however since removing the wireless router I have no more internet connection. When I open up network and sharing it says I am connected to an unidentified public network but I have no connection. I called comcast they said everything looked good on their end. All the lights are on on the modem and all connections are secure. I tried running all the networking wizards and they all say windows could not determine the problem however one window said I had an invalid ip address? And another window said my modem or other connecting device has had an error how can this be when everything was working fine until the router was unplugged?
Please help
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