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28 May 2010  

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Could some one tell me how to stop email. It's loading my email server up.
If you are talking about Spam, I suggest you close the email account that is giving you grief. Then see step 4 below.

Things for you to remember in the future -
1.Stop posting your e-mail address on a public forum or website. It is estimated that 95% of all junk e-mail is caused by a person publicly disclosing his or her e-mail address.

2.Avoid: Popular newsgroups - robots often scour these lists for addresses.
Chat rooms like Yahoo Chat etc- spammers or spambots are actively mining in popular chat rooms.

3.Use spam blocking tools. Most webmail providers offer them, or you can download one.

4.Use disposable addresses to identify and shake off sources of spam.
Have one main account, and never, ever give this address to anyone, even your friends. All they need to do is send you an innocent e-card to get you back on a spam mailing list.

Good Points, and dont forget active live anti virus.
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