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29 May 2010  

Windows 7 32 bit

One thing I just started doing again today was using a Pop3 alert program. I buy stuff online like most of us, and end up with a lot of marketing stuff in the mailbox. But I don't want to filter all the stuff out because it may be a notice something has shipped or whatnot.

The freebie Pop3 alert is good because you just look through the list and delete the crap right on the server. Course it's only good if you're talking maybe less than 50 emails a day. If you're getting buried that's another matter.

Right now I'm using PopMan 1.3.1. Free and works fine on Vista64. It claims even if you preview it will only display text parts of the mail, not any html, never mind script or images. I haven't gotten that far. Just deleting the crap before it gets to my machine is good for now.
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