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29 May 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate

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Is there a way to group some folder and files together so that when I move one of them, they all get moved to a new location together?
Um sure. Put them in a folder and move the whole folder. I suspect there is more to this question. Are you trying to move a library or other special folder?

Need more info of course
I could put all the files and folders in another folder. However, that adds one directory level to it. It's messy and tiring when I have to click through multiple folder levels to get to the file that I want. I tend to keep my folders as close to the root as possible and minimize having too many redundant folders.

Sometimes though, I think I need to reorganize my files and folders between drives or between a big folder that has alot of things. I could pull all the folders and files one by one to the new folder, but well if there is a way to group them then I wouldn't need to hunt for all the files and folders individually.

The function I'm looking for is similar to how Windows pairs HTML files with the folder that contains all the pictures and stuff. You move the main HTML file, the folder gets moved along with it.

An example of how I want to use this is say I have my Japanese Language folder. In it I have alot of files that I use as reference and work I've written. I could group them into folders say "Grammar", "Writing", "Reading" and so on. However I find that I access all the files quite frequently and evenly. So I do not want to have to click though another folder level when I've that sudden need to pick something from the grammar folder and then go back out one level and then into the writing folder when I need just a quick reference of a file in there. It's easy for me to have my Japanese folder open at all times and I can open any file directly without traversing though more folders.

However sometimes I might want to share say a certain group of files with someone. Say "Beginner Level Writing". So I have it grouped first and when that times comes, I don't need to waste time to hunt for the files, I can just pull one file I know is part of the group and viola!, all goes to my friend.
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