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30 May 2010  

Windows 7 x64
Windows 7 HD display problems

I've got a 9600GT and a Philips 244E 24" HD LCD display. I'm running on a Windows 7 x64bit OS. The display works fine when I use the analog input, but when I try using the HD cable, it only allows me to use a display resolution of 1280x720 and lower whereas with the analog connection i am able to utilize the full 1920x1080 capability of the display. I don't understand where the problem is. I really want to experience the best visual pleasure that my hardware is capable of. I've tried downloading the Nvidia drivers from the Nvidia homepage but it doesn't seem to have an effect. I've browsed through a few forums and most of them revolve around audio and the few that dwell on the topic of HD display problems claim that the problem lies with the Windows 7 OS, I'm really hoping that's not the case though. Any suggestions as to where the problem may and as to how i may fix it?
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