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30 May 2010  

Windows 7
Dual boot Windows 7 + Mac OS problem!

Hello there, I have just registered.

I have got the following problem: After the installation is complete and I restart, I still got the same menu with language selection and installation stuff. How do I get past this? Also I have managed to get into Windows 7 when I found something strange. The partition I have selected in the erase menu is not there! So I have no idea where is my Mac installation.

Using Partition Wizard I saw that the 17 gb partition that I wanted to use for the OS installation is not fat32 or ntfs but "other" and it's fully used (0 kb unused).

Also using EasyBCD I assigned an entry for Mac os x86 generic but as a default it goes to drive c to NST folder but there, there is only 1 file (1 kb lol).

Help please?

Windows 7 with Intel dual core cpu, 4 giga ram, ATI graphics
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