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30 May 2010  

Windows 7 Pro x64 (1), Win7 Pro X64 (2)

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Just change your settings with in this section to whatever you want... GL
I think you're missing my point. I'm not pushing any buttons to make hibernate or sleep happen. This happens automatically after a user-specified "idle period of time" elapses.

(1) In RMB on Desktop -> Personalize -> Screen Saver -> Change power settings -> Change plan settings, I have (a) turn off display after 20 minutes, and (b) put the computer to sleep NEVER. Monitors off in 20 minutes of no activity, and the computer NEVER enters "sleep" state.

(2) Furthermore, if I then -> Change advanced power settings -> Sleep -> Hibernate after, I have 25 minutes specified. I DO WANT the machine to enter "hibernate" state if nothing's going on for 25 minutes... no mouse, no keyboard, no user-started running job using CPU and accessing hard drive.

So if I just walk away from an idle machine to have lunch or leave the house, with nothing "running" (that I launched, and that should not be treated as "normal background activity" e.g. Everest-like CPU monitors), I DO want the machine to enter hibernate after 25 minutes.

I DO NOT want "background" programs (e.g. Everest, DUMeter, ASUS EPU engine, Sophos anti-virus, Clockwise, etc.) to prevent hibernate... but I DO want "foreground" programs (e.g. NovaBACKUP, VirtualDub, WMC and BeyondTV recording TV programs, etc.) to prevent hibernate.

That's my question: what defines "foreground" programs that are "active" and thus prevent hibernate when obviously some other programs should certainly be considered "background" and are perfectly acceptable as "idle" and should not prevent hibernate?

I do not want to manually intervene here. This should all happen automatically. Sleep/hibernate should simply not be entered when "foreground" activity is running... even if I don't touch the mouse/keyboard for days! In contrast, "background" activity is just that... always-running in the background like a Windows Service, so it should not prevent sleep/hibernate.
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