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30 May 2010  

Windows 7 Pro x64 (1), Win7 Pro X64 (2)

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have you got any anti virus/malware/update programs to run at certain default times

I suspect the tape backup is a batch job outside of w7 part of bios set up also look at posting in page 2 by websquab re MS saying pc's hibernation is a hybrid
Sorry... I don't understand your last statement.

I'm not concerned about hibernate vs. sleep vs. hybrid sleep, or anything else. When the machine hibernates that's what I want, and it does it right. No "hybrid" for me. BIOS is S1.

My concern is that none of this hibernate/sleep activity should even get started as long as a "batch job" (e.g. my tape backup) is running! Period! Same way hibernate/sleep does not kick in when WMC is recording a TV program!

So... how does that happen? How can WMC and other TV apps (e.g. BeyondTV) prevent going into sleep/hibernate? Is it an API call? We know WMC/BTV can bring a machine out of sleep/hibernate when it's time to record a TV show, and they also seem to be totally capable of preventing going into sleep/hibernate if they are currently recording something. I didn't set anything to make this happen... it's just the way the program were written, I suppose.

So, what is that technique? Is it just somehow the "type" of programs they are and the particular multi-media functions they are invoking, that is automatically known to be something which should prevent sleep/hibernate? Or is it a particular system service request that temporarily disables sleep/hibernate (similar to temporarily disabling screensaver)?
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