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31 May 2010  

Main - Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-Bit; 2nd - Windows Server 2008 R2

I wonder how much of the 64-Bit Flash thing is due to competition between Microsoft and Adobe. Maybe it's just Adobe's way of showing Microsoft that they hold enough power to affect the products Microsoft sells. Put another way, as many have pointed out, the lack of a 64-Bit Flash version for Windows seriously affects our choice in browsers.

Another answer might truly be the lack of deep support for 64-Bit computing in general. We are more tech savvy here and tend to be early adopters. I know that as soon as 64-Bit CPUs were available I wanted one and as soon as I had one I wanted a 64-Bit OS to run on it. Maybe the rest of the world just really doesn't care all that much...
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