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04 Jun 2010  
Auld Bint

Window 7


At what point do I press Shift-F10 when booting the windows installer?

My windows installation is on the bootable USB stick and it self boots to the point where I have to select the language. That is the 1st point of user intervention, is this when I press Shift-F10?

Assuming that pressing Shift-F10 when the language selection screen appears on the install, I managed to use "diskpart" to clear the old partition and create and format the new partition. When this completed, I exited the command prompt window and returned to the windows install language selection screen without a reboot and selected the language and continued with the install.

It all seems to have gone OK, many thanks to you all for helping with the install. My only question remaining is - should I have rebooted the PC using the bootable USB stick after using "diskpart" or was it OK to continue directly with the install after exiting the diskpart command prompt without a reboot?

Auld Bint
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