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07 Jun 2010  

Windows 7
Strange behaviour after partition shrink.

My HDD failed so I had to load the backup image onto a new HDD. The drive image was of a 500GB drive but had only 120GB or so used. I just ordered an SSD drive so after loading the image file (which extended itself to fill the whole 1TB drive, not my intention but it did) I thought this would be a good time to get things ready by shrinking the OS partition down to fit. Couldn't do it in Windows so downloaded Easeus Partition Manager.

Upon reboot Easeus did it's thing and resized as it said it would. Upon rebooting all my shortcuts had dissapeared and Windows was complaining a lot, telling me to run chkdisk.

So I did, once finished rebooted, shortcuts were back, no more complaints about chkdisk.

Since then have been getting complaints about memory access violations from various programs. One in particular, Skype, I tried to reinstall but was met with the message

"Installing Skype failed; code 1601

The Windows Installer service could not be accessed. Contact your support personnel to verify that the Windows Installer service is properly registered."

Will running Windows repair sort these problems out or should I just give in and re-load the image? If I do that, how can I shrink the partition down to fit on my SSD drive without these issues occuring?
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