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08 Jun 2010  

Win 7
New Hard Drive - I did something a little wrong

I bought me a new hard drive. I loaded Windows 7 onto my new HD. It loaded perfectly. The hard drive was recognized right away. I used the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade CD. I could not find my Vista CD so I used this one.

Right now when I boot my hard drive my computer is dual booting. It is asking me which operating system I want to use:

Windows 7


Windows 7

Obviously I have a bootable version on both hard drives. So, my computer is a little confused. While I do not think this could cause harm I would like to address it. Do I just go into my bios and select the single drive I want to boot from? How do I set this up so just boot from the one drive?

Or have I done something more serious? I am not sure if this is an HD or operating system 'error'. So, I placed it in general. Any help would be awesome!
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