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12 Jun 2010  

Windows 7 64 bit

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I turned on my desktop on today and received the message "operating system not found".
You do not say whether you were ever able to install an OS on the old or replacement drive. I will have to assume no.

On the hardware side of the equation, you normally get the "operating system not found" message on black screen during the boot process if
  1. there is no operating system installed on the hard drive
  2. no partition is marked as Primary/System
  3. no hard drive is connected to the computer
You can test #3 by simply unplugging the drive and booting. Is that the same message you are getting?

In your BIOS you should check to see if your drive is recognized and configured correctly.
If an OS is installed, then under the "Configure SATA as" settings you need to be sure that if you installed W7 under ACHI (or RAID) that SATA is configured that way.

If you are getting the message because of #3 above then the BIOS cannot "see" the drive. That can happen if
  • There is no power to the drive/drive does not turn on
  • SATA cable not connected properly at the drive or on the board
  • Bad SATA cable
  • Defective SATA socket (try another socket)
  • Defective motherboard - SATA controller
  • Power Supply issues
You want to eliminate hardware issues before you start working on the OS side. But if you can't get as far as starting the OS boot process then it is hard to see how this can be strictly an OS issue.

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My computer does not recognize my hard drive due to the partition being corrupted.
How did you determine this?
To clear up some confusion. Yes, I did have Windows 7 installed and fully operational on my new hard drive. Everything was working as normal. I turned my computer off the same night I installed the OS and when I booted back up the next day, I received the "operating system not found" message. I have a good feeling it is a partition problem because I ran a system start up repair with my OS disc and in the details it stated that there was a corrupt partition(s). This same exact problem happened with my previous drive which leads me to believe that it is not a drive issue. Something is courrupting/deleting my partitions.

Note: When trying to run a full OS install, my computer does not recognize my drive. There is no drive listed. But my BIOS does recognize my drive.

Thank you for taking the time to read and assess my issue.
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