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20 Jun 2010  

windows 7

So if MemTest86 runs successfully, then why do I get the BSoD when I boot with 4GB of RAM, but boot successfully with 2 or 3GB? I am attaching some recent minidumps. When I ran the analyze tool, it was pointing to the graphics driver. But yet I have tried three different graphics cards with updated drivers. With my current MSI RX1550 I get the BSoD. With the other two cards (PNY GeForce 8400 GS and a Galaxy something) it just hangs up during boot.

I've been trying to get help from ASUS, but I keep getting the same boring replies -- make sure the memory modules are properly seated, test one stick at a time, etc. etc. I have done all that long ago.

If anyone can help, I would much appreciate it.
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