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22 Jun 2010  
Auld Bint

Window 7

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To deep clean and pre-partition your HD, boot the Win7 installer, Press Shift F10, type:
SELECT DISK # (for Windows 7 disk)
clean all (writes zeroes, takes about an hour per 320gb, drop "all" for faster)
create partition primary
select partition 1
assign letter=c:

With the "format" command in the process quoted above, what file system is created on the HDD, is it NTFS or FAT32 ?

Also, would the file system that is created using "format" alone as the command be dependent on a 32bit install or a 64 bit install? I assume that the file system can be forced to NTFS or FAT32 using "format fs=ntfs" or "format fs=fat32" ?

The reason I ask is that one of my machines would not read a Win7 64 bit install DVD but it would read a Win7 32 bit install DVD. This was not trying to read as a boot disk for an installation but to read in order to copy to a bootable USB stick. The machine in question has 64 bit windows installed on it with an NTFS file system.

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