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03 Jul 2010  

win 7, win xp (vpc)

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This almost sounds like a problem getting windows to recognize the drive, rather than the drive being bad. The drive is connected through USB? Suggest removing all USB devices and rebooting PC. Plug in USB mouse and keyboard and confirm they work. Then plug in the HDD and see if windows recognizes a new device. The real test would be to take the external drive to another PC and see if it is recognized by that PC. A Guy
thanks for the sugestions, all my usb are working fine ive tryed the 3 in front as well is 4 in back. ive also tryed 2 other computers one with windows 7 (like mine) and another with xp. all ended up bringing me back to the same point. I tryed updating drivers and all that jazz that goes with plugging in a new drive that i was aware to do. ( i did that for the other 2 computers) The only option for me to update the drive was through device manager since the website is really not user friendly at all or somthing or at least ive found it not to be. (Seagate) i go to it and see the little car icon that says drivers right under it so im like aww thats cute and creative i click on it and it takes me no were except to a buntch of trouble shooting steps that ends with no driver downloads. the gist of what i can remember reading is are hard drives come pre loaded with the software so get it off the drive. some other things ive tryed is different wall sockets just to eliminate that fluxuating or dirty power might be messing with it.

oh and some other info is ive had it hooked up to a sirge protector its whole life.
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