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03 Jul 2010  

Windows 7 32-bit
netutils.dll problem

Os= win7 32bit

I was playing Mount and Blade Warband(game) and after some time i stoped playing and put my laptop on standby.After some time i got back and started mount and blade, it said
something like this: nautils.dll cant be located try reinstaling software.I tought something went wrong with game and decided to reinstall it. I restarted my laptop and there were
2 same pop-up windows with same problem couldnt find netutlis.dll but from other programs, google update and windows updateutility. then i figured that probably isnt only mount and blade. I downloaded netutils.dll from internet. Readme said i should put it in my system 32 folder or infected app folder. I put it in Mount and blade folder and game works fine now. I searched for netutlis.dll in my system 32 folder, i tought maybe i have it there, but no i dont have it there. I searched for netutils.dll in my brothers pc( he has win7 64 bit) and he has it in his system 32 folder.

What do i do?Should i put it in my system 32 folder?
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