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03 Jul 2010  

Windows 7 x64, Windows XP SP3, Fedora

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Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by SuperCowInSpace
***I still have some questions though:

1. I did not found any driver for this: "PAC7302.SYS - Some kind of webcam driver; update from your webcam manufacturers site." Therefore, what should I do?
To start with - do you have a webcam at all?

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by SuperCowInSpace
2. I use Daemon Tools very often, what should I do with the ISOs after uninstalling Daemon Tools? (I already uninstalled it) (I do not want to burn every ISO file I work on)

3. In the program I downloaded from: "SPTD uninstaller: DuplexSecure - Downloads", They wrote this scary message, when I wanted to uninstall as you requested: "This program will remove SCSI Pass Through Direct (SPTD) layer from your computer. WARNING - uninstallation of SPTD will cause malfunction of any application that depends on it! Are you sure you want to remove SPTD from this machine?"

So, should I be worry about uninstalling it?
On the other hand, there is an Update option in the same program from link you gave me, should I pick the update option instead of the uninstalling one?
Uninstalling STPD will disable anything but Daemon Tools - which you have already uninstalled. It is safe to uninstall - and can easily be re-installed at a later date.

I do not know of a similar program that does not use SPTD sorry. What you can do is just temporarily remove it and if the BSODs continue then it is obviously not the cause and is safe to re-install.

Now, onto the questions in your next post:
Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by SuperCowInSpace
Therefore... I had some questions about this specific issue:
a) how can I watch the temperatures of my ATI card while playing?
b) What should be the right temps? (from what temp I can be sure that this is the BSOD trigger?)
c) If the temperatures are a higher than supposed, how can I fix (lower the temp) of my ATI card?
a) Use Speedfan or similar - and to measure it while you are in game just use the graphing option under the Charts Tab. Make sure you select which temperature you want to graph (in this case GPU)

b) I do not have any experience with ATI cards - but the right temp for a similar performing NVidia card is around 70C or less

c) First just see if it is getting too hot - then we will look at possible cooling options.

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