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06 Jul 2010  


Seeing both OS's in Repair console is indeed a good sign and should mean we can get them started.

It is possible Vista is being blocked by interference from the OEM partition, which is why on a clean reinstall we recommend deleting it as well as the Recovery partition if you can make your Recovery disks first. The boot files may be on that partition, may be corrupted and blocking startup, interfering with moving the System MBR into the Vista partition which is what has been attempted here.

There are other surprises which DISKPART revealed in your partitioning: Win7 is on extended logical partition which cannot be marked active to startup, likely because there were already 4 Primary partitions which are all that is allowed.

What we need more than anything on this end now is to see a drive map. The tool to use is free Partition Wizard bootable CD so that you can copy down or get a camera snap of the listings on each partition, then use it if necessary to Modify Win7 partition to Primary and set it active so that Startup Repair can start it up. This is providing it will only be the fourth Primary partition on the HD since that is the limit.

If it will speed up getting the Disk Details posted up then you can use DISKPART to "Detail Disk."

Just in case: Do you have the Recovery Disk set made or know that the Recov partition will run? Do you have a Vista install DVD for your version as well as a Windows 7 one? Are there files you need from the HD? Your last resort may actually be the best course since it is a much cleaner install.
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