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07 Jul 2010  

Win 7 64
Task Scheduler Fails when Running VB Compile EXE

Hi Everyone,

I am puzzled.

I created an exe with Visual Studio 2010 to automate the execution of a 2nd program.

This exe requires 2 command line arguments.

When I run this exe from a Short cut with the arguments defined everything works as desired.

However, when I make a Scheduled Task to run this exe, the 2nd program does not get run and I get various results in the Last Run Status - most of the time the result is 0x41306.

The task is set up as follows:

- run whether user is logged in or not
- run with highest privileges
- configure for Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008
although using Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 does not work either
- the schedule is set up and enabled
- the actions point to the exe create by VB
- the only conditions set is to wake computer to run
- settings are allow task to be run on demand / stop task if running more than
3 days / if task does not end when requested force it to stop

From the task history I get the following logs:


Task Scheduler successfully completed task "\Netro-Wirecast-464-1100" , instance "{54a20687-ad3b-405a-a7a9-2c89cb43ce76}" , action "C:\Users\Sunday Services\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\WireCastLauncher\WireCastLauncher\bin\Release\WireCastLauncher.exe" with return code 3762504530.

Task Scheduler successfully finished "{54a20687-ad3b-405a-a7a9-2c89cb43ce76}" instance of the "\Netro-Wirecast-464-1100" task for user "HBCMP3RECORDER\Sunday Services".


Can someone please shed some light as to what I am doing wrong so that I can get this working?

Thanx so much!
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