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07 Jul 2010  

Windows 7 Home Premium x64
From&To the Novice: Locked folders and when/how to not/use them

I have posted these ridiculously misconceptualized problems with my Windows 7. They seemed mysteriously perfectly timed with a file transfer that resulted in locking me out of a number of C:\ folders and further confusing me with some unlocked folders that were now? shortcuts so seemed like duplicates –where did these come from? I thought and furthermore, of course I want to get rid of them. There were multiple ‘Downloads’ folders but their contents differed and I wanted everything in the same place, the default ‘Downloads’ folder. Ahh, innocent ignorance (in a grand scheme, you can and might sometime actually reset the default folder in question).

The Documents and Settings folder in C:\ is what’s called a junction, a backpath of sorts for programs to use within Windows. It is not a real folder and it is not designed for the user. An exact copy of the junction is the folder C:\Users\yourname, the folder designed for you. If you need to access something from this set of folder/junction, go to Users\yourname.
However, whatever is locked, leave locked. [There are ownerships, settings, and software to get in and with the expertise or moxy required, you can do fine, but without these, on average, you can encounter a host of problems accessing, altering, or deleting those files]. Although some tasks are certainly doable and forum threads and forum tutorials are especially helpful.

Avoid the potential problems altogether: Hide the files Windows didn’t design for you: Use the Windows button to Search for Folder Options. Under its View tab, click the radio button, "Don't show hidden files, folders, or drives". If you were to do more advanced settings or software tuning, you could show them and use them.

For other people's experiences in general and for doing certain upgrades, installs, or changes involving some of the hidden files, search any of the forums for 'Documents and Settings' or in conjunction with your particular issue. For Microsoft’s perspective on junctions, read Raymond Chen from Microsoft TechNet entitled 'Windows Confidential: Junction Dysfunction’: Junction Dysfunction - TechNet Magazine Article - December 2009

Instead of realizing I had a ‘Documents and Settings' misunderstanding, it appeared that the "Downloads' folders needed to be condensed and a default folder reset. Now I have a bit of a mess, having tried with mixed results to access folders I was denied access to. I hope you find my experience and what I learned to be useful, but you're probably going to have to be as quite the novice as I am to find it so.

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