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13 Jul 2010  

Windows 7 Home Premium
Resolution problems - ATI Radeon

Ever since I got my new computer, I've used the standard, and maximum resolution for my monitor: 1680x1050, 60 Hz. But one day, when I restarted my computer, it automatically set itself to 1600 x 1200, and because that's a width bigger than my monitor can handle, it shuts down after a set time. So I had to put it down to 1440x900. Also, when I check the component info, the monitor model name doesn't appear. It's like it's made a default monitor info with a limit of 1600x1200, while my monitor gives me messages telling me to put the resolution back to 1680x1050. In other words; the monitor information my computer and graphic card gets is totally wrong.
UPDATE: I used a freeware called MonitorInfoWiew to see if it could identify my monitor, like my OP haven't been able to since this happened, and it finds every detail of the monitor information, including the max resolution limit. I guess the real problem here is how to get my OP to identify my monitor.

Anyone know what happened, and how I can fix it?

I have the latest drivers for my graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 5600 Series), but when I try to change the resolution through the card software, I can only set it on 1680x1050 with 30 Hz, which makes everything start to flicker.
If it's any help, my monitor is a HP LE2201w, and my OP is Windows 7 Home Premium.

Thanks in advance (and I'm Norwegian, so sorry for the bad grammar).

I can't believe this. Especially since I'm not the only one who've had this problem. After thinking about what I've written in this post, about the problem probably being the OP's info from the monitor, I rechecked the cords going from my monitor to my computer (one of them was a little loose!), and again tried to "Search for hardware changes" (translation) from the control panel, and this time it automatically sat my resolution back to normal!
I feel stupid and relieved at the same time.
This could mean, however, that others with the same problem could have problems with the monitor cords, and that it might be something else than a software problem!
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