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03 May 2009  

How can I make my W7 disk bootable?

Fellow WinSevians,
I come with cap in hand and head bowed in shame at this, my first post - after so many months reading the knowledge that so many of you seem to have.

I seek your help if you would please. After downloading at 45k all day what I believed (and still believe to be!) was the iso image of the RC, I (merely?) have the RC content that I need to create a bootable disc.

I have used Bart's BBIE to extract a boot image file from my previous W7_7068 disc and I now have 'image1.bin' at 2k.
But from here? - How and where do I merge this bin file with my W7_RC content? (I'm using 'CDBurnerXP').

Call me a 'noob'or call me a 'knob', either way I'll cop it sweet.
Thanks in anticipation.
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