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14 Jul 2010  

Windows XP-Pro-SP3, Windows 7

Maybe because I've only had two cups of coffee, so far, but I'm lost.
Why is changing a sound so difficult on W-7 when it's so ridiculously easy on XP?

I've used the same startup sound on every computer of mine for the last ten years.
It's a wave file (.wav) that originally came from a Windows (something) install CD.
It's beautiful and goes great with wallpapers of mountains, lakes, seascapes, etc.

I guess I'm going to have to reboot into Windows 7 and see what all the fuss is about.


OK, it's already later and I see in the \Windows\Media folder there is a file "Windows Startup.wav" , but that's not what windows plays when booting up. ???

In the Sounds section of the control panel, there is NO Windows Startup sound to select. Is that another one of those Windows 7 better ideas?
Why did they have to screw around with something that's worked so good for so long?
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