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14 Jul 2010  

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ppparks makes a good point, of course. i'm biased because i've got an i5 in a laptop and an i7 in a desktop and i'm amazed virtually everyday at how great these two machines work. for the first time in my life i feel like i'm driving my computer (responsiveness). i've had a dual core and a core 2 duo (never had a quad core) but i just remember the dual core and and core 2 getting bogged down pretty easily once things started piling on (not a memory problem, there was plenty of that). so, while i agree with ppparks that intel will change its tack, for now, the stuff in the iLine is wonderful and if you've got the money for it, i'd go for it.

(also, the wiring job in ppparks computer is dope. good work parks)
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