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14 Jul 2010  


Good Read,

The UAC is a necessary "evil" thats not so evil if one, Your running Se7en as it has many less UAC requests than its predecessor, Vista. Two, there's a neat little trick you can use on Programs and System Tasks that when normally asked for your approval from the UAC, is not needed. Found it on the web some time ago and use it for programs I trust that normally require UAC approval, and now don't. You set it up in all places, the "Task Scheduler".

See this tutorial made by Brink.

All-in-all, you have to agree that MS trying to better secure your PC cannot be looked at as a bad thing. In most cases the average user doesn't need to have an administrator account. Having said that, I do remember and know that while using Vista, as MS first introduced the UAC, it was a pain in the neck. Running safe games in a limited account was impossible b/c the game needed access to certain drivers that Vista categorized as needed to be ran under an admin account which was ridiculous.

But much of that has been worked out, and I think the UAC set at its default, is no bother at all. Rarely do I even see it anymore since Se7en does a better job and the trick using the Task Scheduler. Better Safe than Sorry is a good way of thinking about your PC, as for those who don't run regular back-ups, don't concern themselves with anti-virus, will be in for a treat when they have to do a full system recovery b/c they just couldn't be bothered by just that "one more click" from the UAC. I mean really, countless clicks are made all day long, but when a click is required that you didn't ask for is needed, you blow your top and say this is UAC is ridiculous and I don't want it.
My Goodness, just a few more clicks a day and you'd think it would give you carpel tunnel by the end of the day.

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